DSM Product Update - DIGITAL POWER

Power for Sony V1000 V9000 and DSR200 Professional and Prosumer Digital cameras

The Lithium ion battery, supplied as standard with these models is quoted as being 4050mAh, yet they can only power the camera for between 50 and 60 minutes of continuous recording time. Add to this standby time between shots and the average on-tape recording achieved from a fully charged battery is only around 30 minutes. An optional 3 battery holder is available including 2 extra batteries for a cost of approximately £500 and as the camera is only supplied with a single battery charger that takes around 2 1/2 hours to charge a battery a further twin battery charger is a must.

Power for Sony DSR 200

DSM Power solutions


The DSM Broadcastpower 640g Lithium ion FlatPack battery seen above on a DRS200, is a single battery that will power either of these power hungry cameras for over 6 hours. A range of fully Automatic Li-ion 3 stage chargers are available including an in-car charger to cater for the needs of Television News Crews and Location Videographers that allows a battery to be topped up with charge even between shots!. Guide price £505.00 including a fully automatic charger. A 900g Memory Free ULTIMATE Ni-Cd pack is also available giving up to 3 hours of continuous power. Guide Price £149.00 including a slow charger. Both batteries attach to the cameras rear 3 battery mount with the electrical connection being made via the DC input socket. 14.4V Batteries to fit the New DSR300 are at the final design stage!

Direct fit battery belts for most Digital Cameras

Now available for Sony PC7, 700, 1000, 9000 and DSR200 - Canon DM-MV1 and XL1- JVC DV1, DVJ70 and DVX and most Panasonic Digital models. Pictured below are belts that will power most DV cameras all day and 9000 and DSR200 pro models for up to 5 hours. All belts come complete with a charger, a DC cable for direct connection to the camera or a DC socket for the camera's own AC adaptor cable, there's nothing more to buy.
Models will shortly be available for all Sony 1998 Hi-8 models.

Digital Camera Battery Belts

Belts shown are (from top):
NCBLP1H, which will power a DX100 for 9 hours;
NCBU5VH, more than 7 hours on DM-MV1, XL-1
NBLC1H, 9 hours on V1000, 5 hours on V9000

DSM HANDEX, CU's Best shooting accessory award winner, goes Li-ion

Handex Battery & Light kit

5.4Ah of power yet only 330g. Models are available for most 6 and 7.2V camcorders including digital models. The HANDEX battery fits neatly to a camcorder's hand strap counter balancing the camcorder in the hand held position and comes complete with a 15W light , an automatic charger and a connector or cable to fit the camcorder.

HANDEX Lighting kits are becoming increasingly popular with TV Pro's. Mounting an optional second light to a camera's accessory shoe or bar in addition to one mounted on the HANDEX battery enables the user to light a subject in the same way as a two light studio set-up.
Run times are single light 1 hour, two lights 25 mins

New additions to the Ni-Cd HANDEX range are the UHSD1 specifically designed for the Sony 1000 and the UHPD1 specially designed Panasonic DX100 and current Digital cameras.

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